Eleven-Year-Old Drummer Wows Crowd

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Eleven-Year-Old Drummer Wows Crowd

Eleven-Year-Old Drummer Wows Crowd
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Eleven-Year-Old Drummer Wows Crowd

by Storyful 0:33 mins

Eleven-Year-Old Drummer Wows Crowd

by Storyful 0:33 mins

When Karol Ortega’s young cousin Valeria watched a band play down at the boardwalk in Reheboth, Delaware, the 11-year-old got a craving to pick up some sticks and hit the drums. At first Valeria was too timid to jump on stage, but her aunt went forward and asked if she could step in. The band obliged, and soon the crowd were amazed by the modest girl’s rhythmic talents. Valeria is surely a rock star in the making. Credit: YouTube/Dr. Owens

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