The Story Behind the Sweetheart

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The Story Behind the Sweetheart

The Story Behind the Sweetheart
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The Story Behind the Sweetheart

by Blue Ribbon Hunter 3:42 mins

The Story Behind the Sweetheart

by Blue Ribbon Hunter 3:42 mins

NECCO Sweethearts are an iconic American candy that have become a symbol of Valentines Day over the years. We have all seen them, eaten them, and probably even given them to a special someone, but do you know the story behind them? Or how they're made? In this episode we learn everything there is to know about this nostalgic candy. NECCO VP Jeff Green shares some fun facts and mishaps: Among the phrases gone by are “Gay Boy” from the 1890s. Also, “We’ve had our share of misprints over the years. We don’t currently have any words that have ‘c’ ‘k’ together…Sometimes they don’t print quite right. You don’t put ‘fire truck’ on a Sweetheart.” Because the candies are made on what’s almost like a printing press, Green says the letter stamps can get stuck, or partially filled. A “p” can easily turn into an “f” – with unfortunate results.

Blue Ribbon Hunter


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