Stock shots: Paralympic sports

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Stock shots: Paralympic sports

Stock shots: Paralympic sports
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Stock shots: Paralympic sports

by AFP Videos 4:24 mins

Stock shots: Paralympic sports

by AFP Videos 4:24 mins

SHOTLIST:LONDON, 8 SEPTEMBER 2011SOURCE: AFPTV-VAR Paralympic sitting volleyball demonstration in Trafalgar Square-VAR Paralympic tennis, weightliftingLONDON, 2 December 2011SOURCE: AFPTV-VAR images of British goalball team training in Olympic handball arenaVILLENEUVE D'ASCQ, France, 7 Aug 2012SOURCE: AFPTV- VAR Paralympic wheelchair racer on track- VAR Assia El Hannouni, SprinterBATH, UNITED KINGDON, AUGUST 21, 2012 SOURCE: AFPTV- VAR British Paralympics 5-a-side (athletes with visual impairments) team training - VAR British Paralympic 7-a-side (athletes with neurological disorders) team training- VAR British Paralympic shooting team trainingLONDON, AUGUST 24, 2012SOURCE: AFPTV-VAR Great Britain women's wheelchair basketball team inside St. Paul's CathedralHOLON AND TEL AVIV, ISRAEL, AUGUST 14, 2012SOURCE: AFPTV-VAR Moran Samuel (woman), rower in the Israeli Paralympic teamOLYMPIC STADIUM, PHNOM PENH, AUGUST 14, 2012SOURCE: AFPTV-VAR Thin Seng Hon, Paralympics runner

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