How to Spot a Player

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How to Spot a Player

How to Spot a Player
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How to Spot a Player

by The Girl's Game 5:11 mins

How to Spot a Player

by The Girl's Game 5:11 mins

Lisa, 21, is sick of college guys who don't treat her well and aren't faithful. She wants to meet a quality guy but doesn't know how to screen out the bad ones. There's no better coach to teach her how to spot a player than Mehow, a pick-up artist. He shows Lisa how to quickly determine a guy's motivations as soon as she meets him. First lesson is Qualification: asking questions to learn about his deeper qualities. The second lesson is Group Screening: using wing girls to observe his behavior when Lisa isn't around. Then Lisa goes out on hidden camera and approaches real guys to see if they pass the test. Will Lisa find a quality guy, or just a bunch of players?

The Girl's Game


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