Cold open: GOP comes to Coachella

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Cold open: GOP comes to Coachella

Cold open: GOP comes to Coachella
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Cold open: GOP comes to Coachella

by Saturday Night Live 3:48 mins

Cold open: GOP comes to Coachella

by Saturday Night Live 3:48 mins

"Saturday Night Live" managed to spoof both the GOP and Coachella in one glorious cold open skit this past weekend. Former Gov. Jeb Bush (played by cast member Beck Bennett) and Rep. Paul Ryan (Taran Killam) take to the Coachella music festival stage to promote the "new" Republican Party before the Outkast reunion. With Rand Paul as DJ, naturally. The two ask "young conservatives" to "make some noise" (there's silence) and describe the scene as "very ratchet." Ryan calls the crowd "home slices" and describes the new Republican platform this way: For those in favor of gay marriage, "Well, you're in luck, 'cause the new GOP is ... not going to talk about it as much." The conservatives also promise to get festival fans "off this lawn and back to work," which doesn't go over well. They then clarify that they're still "supes down with the Second Amendment," giving Ryan the chance to show off his "guns." Conveniently, his button-down shirt is sleeveless. @TylerGildin posted, "Classic! 'SNL' Spoofs If The GOP Tried To Rally Supporters At Coachella." @Nickmoscato added, "Cold open of tonight's #SNL is making fun of both Coachella and the GOP.” @FaraiHarreld wrote, "OK so the Coachella SNL GOP skit was hilarious.” @HuffPoComedy: "And this is why the GOP probably doesn't recruit at Coachella.” Note: Video contains some strong language. — Claudine Zap (@zapkidd)


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