'Sheldon Cooper' on 'SNL': Family Feud

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'Sheldon Cooper' on 'SNL': Family Feud

'Sheldon Cooper' on 'SNL': Family Feud
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'Sheldon Cooper' on 'SNL': Family Feud

by Saturday Night Live 7:40 mins

'Sheldon Cooper' on 'SNL': Family Feud

by Saturday Night Live 7:40 mins

Bazinga! Jim Parsons is set to host the March 1 return of "Saturday Night Live" following the show's Winter Olympics sabbatical. This will mark the first time "The Big Bang Theory" star has been on the late-night comedy show. Well, kind of. In a way, the 40-year-old has already made an appearance: Jimmy Fallon impersonated Parsons' character Sheldon Cooper when the "Late Night" star hosted last December in a "Family Feud" sketch featuring TV celebrities. In this clip, Jimmy as Sheldon is in his nerdy glory. He addresses the game-show host, who mistakes the meaning of "Big Bang Theory" for sexcapades with plus-size women: "Steve, while I understand what you're saying is in jest, the show is in actuality a humorous look at the lives of young scientists. So, bazinga." Parsons may want to call in Jimmy Fallon for backup: "I'm a little nervous," he told Access Hollywood. "Everything's so fresh and so new right now. There's enough distractions and shiny things going on to keep you from thinking too much about Saturday. [But] Saturday night I'll be nervous." There must be some kind of mathematical equation to help with that. -- Claudine Zap (@zapkidd)


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