'Black Jeopardy'

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'Black Jeopardy'

'Black Jeopardy'
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'Black Jeopardy'

by Saturday Night Live 6:15 mins

'Black Jeopardy'

by Saturday Night Live 6:15 mins

In this send-up of "Jeopardy," the twist is "Black Jeopardy," hosted by "Alex Treblack" (played by Kenan Thompson, who was also one of the writers of the sketch). Louis C.K. plays the only white guy on the show and is clearly out of his element. He's "Mark," an African American studies professor who immediately realizes his mistake when instead of history, the category choices include "It's Been a Minute," "That Girl," and "Psssh!" At one point, the professor jumps in to take the clue "It's been a minute since he got a job." His guess: "Who is unemployed fellow? Black?" He's met with scandalous looks from the other contestants, played by Jay Pharoah and Sasheer Zamata. "Wrong answer," he says. The skit inspired lots of comments on the Web. Viewer Steven Melton (‏@meltonstvn) raved on Twitter, "The 'Black Jeopardy' skit on this weeks SNL was gold." Former "Saturday Night Live" head writer Seth Myers (@SethMeyers) tweeted, "'Black Jeopardy' is just a wonderful piece of sketch writing." The Wrap praised the sketch as "brilliantly irreverent." Slate called out the moment as one of the highlights of the show's "absurdist and sometimes awkward sketches." Self-mocking, odd, cringe-worthy: For Louis C.K. fans, that's a recipe for success. This skit comes after "Saturday Night Live" faced criticism for its lack of cast diversity. Thompson stirred debate when he told TV Guide last year that the problem was finding qualified black female comedians. "Like in auditions, they just never find ones that are ready," he said. Following the backlash, the show hired Zamata along with two African-American writers. --Claudine Zap (@zapkidd)


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