Beyoncé Reacts to 'The Beygency' Sketch: 'Haaaaaaaaaaaa'

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Beyoncé Reacts to 'The Beygency' Sketch: 'Haaaaaaaaaaaa'

Beyoncé Reacts to 'The Beygency' Sketch: 'Haaaaaaaaaaaa'
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Beyoncé Reacts to 'The Beygency' Sketch: 'Haaaaaaaaaaaa'

by Saturday Night Live 3:35 mins

Beyoncé Reacts to 'The Beygency' Sketch: 'Haaaaaaaaaaaa'

by Saturday Night Live 3:35 mins

Along with hit songs, serious dance moves, and killer looks, Beyoncé also knows how to take a joke. To prove it, she posted her positive reaction to a "Saturday Night Live" sketch called "The Beygency.” So what did Queen Bey think of the satire? "Haaaaaaaaaaaa," the singer posted on Instagram, along with an image from the sketch. In the standout skit, "SNL" guest host Andrew Garfield is chased down by "The Agency"-style operatives after he " he admits that one of the pop diva's songs "just doesn't do it for me.” On the run, Garfield stops at a convenience store, where he's told that his credit card has been declined. "They're erasing you. I know what you've done. Stay away from me!" yells the convenience store clerk, played by Bobby Moynihan. "But I like most of her music," Garfield responds. In the next scene, in a shadowy parking garage, he's helped by "24" stars Kiefer Sutherland and Mary Lynn Raksub, where Sutherland reveals that he has also committed a crime against the Beygency: a Rihanna tattoo. Sutherland tells him everything he needs to escape is "to the left, to the left.” Still, he’s caught, forced to do the "Single Ladies" hand wave, and thrown in jail. We're glad Beyoncé liked the sketch, because, in case she's reading this, we want her to know, we love everything she does. Really. — Claudine Zap (@zapkidd)

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