'SNL Star's Celebrity Crush

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'SNL Star's Celebrity Crush

'SNL Star's Celebrity Crush
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'SNL Star's Celebrity Crush

by Daily Shot 4:25 mins

'SNL Star's Celebrity Crush

by Daily Shot 4:25 mins

Funnyman Jay Pharoah has cracked up 'SNL' audiences with his spot-on impressions of everyone from Barack Obama to Jay Z to Eddie Murphy. The 25-year-old is one of the youngest cast members on the show, and has been making people laugh since he was a little kid. "From the age of 6, I was funny enough to pull girls," he says. But his way with women took a turn when his body changed. "When I was 6, it was cool. But when I was 7, I got fat, so the whole thing switched over. It was a drought from 7 to like 17." He used the dry spell to work on his comedy and do more standup. Now that his hard work has paid off, he might just be getting girl crazy again. Jay revealed one celebrity guest who left him infatuated. "I have a celebrity crush on Anne Hathaway," he admits. "She's beautiful! She's so happy, and she has such a good spirit. I think she's wonderful." To hear about Jay's worse live flub and see some of his hilarious impressions, including Gilbert Gottfried and Nicolas Cage, check out today's "Daily Shot."

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