Smash: Understudy

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Smash: Understudy

Smash: Understudy
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Smash: Understudy

by Internet Video Archive 0:59 mins

Smash: Understudy

by Internet Video Archive 0:59 mins

The show has landed a star, the mercurial Rebecca Duvall (guest star Uma Thurman), but Eileen (Anjelica Huston) is thrown into a panic when Rebecca gets stuck in Cuba. Derek (Jack Davenport) puts Karen (Katharine McPhee) in as understudy, but she must learn to perform under extreme pressure as he threatens to break her will. Tom and Julia (Christian Borle and Debra Messing) celebrate their anniversary with a ritual – and face some hard truths about what show business can do to relationships. Meg

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