Zombie Pop Culture Outbreak

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Zombie Pop Culture Outbreak

Zombie Pop Culture Outbreak
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Zombie Pop Culture Outbreak

by Sketchy 2:01 mins

Zombie Pop Culture Outbreak

by Sketchy 2:01 mins

If you can't find a thing to watch that doesn't star the undead, you're not alone. For now. This spoof pokes fun at the zombie apocalypse that's already hit pop culture. Starring Greg Burke, Ingrid Haas, Fran Gillespie, Billy Scafuri, Curtis Rainsberry, Dylan Silver. Director: Paul Briganti. Writers: Brian Murphy, Kevin Corrigan. Producers: Corey Moss, Michael McGarry, Laura Dziamba. Editor: Kent Kincannon. DP: Alan Gwizdowski. Casting: Chrissy Fiorilli-Ellington. Prod. Designer: Katie Crawford. Wardrobe: Heather Karasek. HMU: Kathleen Pardo, Jared James. Visual Effects: Gloo Studios. Graphics: Bill Bergen, Pedro Mendoza. Post: Andrew Mallonee. A Principato-Young Entertainment/Electus Production.

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