Sketchy: Breaking Habits

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Sketchy: Breaking Habits

Sketchy: Breaking Habits
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Sketchy: Breaking Habits

by Principato-Young Entertainment 3:58 mins

Sketchy: Breaking Habits

by Principato-Young Entertainment 3:58 mins

In this parody of shows like "Tabatha Takes Over� and "Hotel Impossible," a street-smart nun whips other wayward nuns and their failing convents into shape. Starring Mary Lynn Rajskub, Elisa Bocanegra, Angelina Spicer, Frank Nicotero, Heather Karasek and Mark Voyce. Directors: Jason Berger, Mark J. Marraccini. Writers: Marraccini, Michael Rainey, Cindy Kaplan. Producer: Corey Moss. DP: Paul de Lumen. Editors: Marraccini, Monet Malik. VFX: C. Drew Unser.



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