She's at it again! Miley twerks Santa

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She's at it again! Miley twerks Santa

She's at it again! Miley twerks Santa
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She's at it again! Miley twerks Santa

by TIMES NOW 1:55 mins

She's at it again! Miley twerks Santa

by TIMES NOW 1:55 mins

She's at it again! Clearly not a case of once bitten twice shy. Miley Cyrus was seen ringing in this Christmas spirit and this time she's twerking Santa and almost a case of dj vu. The jingle bell ball united Miley with R&B singer Robin Thicke, the man she's infamously twerked at this year's MTV Video Music Awards sending shock waves across the industry! However, this time the 36-year-old father-of-one kept his distance from Cyrus as he performed his set! Not one to be left behind. Selena Gomez might just find herself on Santa's naughty list following her performance at the concert. Sporting a racy lacy number, Gomez apparently let the f-bomb slip following some apparent audio issues during her gig walking off the stage! Enrique Iglasis meanwhile had the crowds eating out of his palms as he got right into the crowd for this rendition of Baby I like it!

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