Saving Energy - The Japanese way

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Saving Energy - The Japanese way

Saving Energy - The Japanese way
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Saving Energy - The Japanese way

by Ani 2:06 mins

Saving Energy - The Japanese way

by Ani 2:06 mins

The concept of Green buildings is fast catching up in Indian metros to save energy and protect the environment. Be it in a residence, an office or a factory, saving energy everywhere will help the future generations. To make this happen India can take advantage of Japanese technology. The Institute of Industrial Science of Tokyo University, in collaboration with LIXIL House Corporation, has erected a smart house on their Komaba Campus. Called COMMA (or Comfort Management) House, it uses energy-efficient appliances and air and light for maximising comfort. LIXIL, recently launched its products Manila, under the brands titled 'American Standard' and TOSTEM.

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