Sarabjit Singh dies in Lahore hospital

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Sarabjit Singh dies in Lahore hospital

Sarabjit Singh dies in Lahore hospital
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Sarabjit Singh dies in Lahore hospital

by Ani 1:45 mins

Sarabjit Singh dies in Lahore hospital

by Ani 1:45 mins

Indian prisoner, Sarabjit Singh, who was brutally beaten in a Pakistan jail, succumbed to his injuries at a hospital in Lahore in the early hours of Thursday (May 02). Death of Singh, who was convicted of spying for India, is likely to escalate tensions and further strain ties between the two south Asian nations. Vice chairman of National commission for lower castes and tribes, Raj Kumar Verka, who had accompanied the family to Lahore, accused the Pakistan government of covering up its tracks and claimed that Sarabjit had died soon after he was attacked.

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