Sandra Bernhard On ‘Censored’ Roseanne Love Scene

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Sandra Bernhard On ‘Censored’ Roseanne Love Scene

Sandra Bernhard On ‘Censored’ Roseanne Love Scene
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Sandra Bernhard On ‘Censored’ Roseanne Love Scene

by Daily Shot 4:01 mins

Sandra Bernhard On ‘Censored’ Roseanne Love Scene

by Daily Shot 4:01 mins

Sandra tells Ali about filming a gay love scene on Roseanne in the early nineties, where she was supposed to kiss Morgan Fairchild. “The censors would only let us come this close and then…CUT! We couldn’t kiss!” But Sandra says it didn’t bother her—because Morgan Fairchild’s not her type. To find out who is her type, check out today’s episode of Daily Shot.

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