Sailor meets baby for first time

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Sailor meets baby for first time

Sailor meets baby for first time
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Sailor meets baby for first time

by WCVB - Boston 1:31 mins

Sailor meets baby for first time

by WCVB - Boston 1:31 mins

Airport reunions between military personnel and their loved ones are usually heart warming but a particularly special one took place recently at Logan airport. After a three-month deployment on the Pacific Ocean, Robert Bruce Jr. flew into Boston where he met his newborn son for the first time. "He's amazing, he's beautiful, everything I had hoped and more," Bruce said. "I am just excited to be back with my family." His wife Melissa gave birth to Jackson on July 27 in Boston, with her parents by her side. Her husband was aboard the U.S.S. Pearl Harbor in the Solomon Islands, completing a humanitarian mission for the Navy. He had seen emailed pictures of his first-born child and had heard him cry by phone before holding him for the first time, with Melissa by his side. "I'm just so happy," Bruce said.

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