Russia's Navalny Found Guilty In Libel Case

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Russia's Navalny Found Guilty In Libel Case

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Russia's Navalny Found Guilty In Libel Case

by Wochit 0:49 mins

Russia's Navalny Found Guilty In Libel Case

by Wochit 0:49 mins

Russian opposition leader and anti-corruption crusader Alexei Navalny was found guilty in a libel case Tuesday and fined $8,400, a ruling that leaves the door open for his subsequent jailing. The Babushkinsky Court on Tuesday upheld the claim of municipal deputy Alexei Lisovenko, who sued Navalny for calling him a drug addict earlier this month after Lisovenko claimed that Navalny was violating his parole. Navalny, 37, who hit the headlines in the late 2000s as a corporate gadfly, has been under house arrest pending another trial for nearly two months, banned from receiving visitors, talking to media or writing on social media.


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