Ruling in Apple e-books case stands

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Ruling in Apple e-books case stands

Ruling in Apple e-books case stands
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Ruling in Apple e-books case stands

by Wochit 0:47 mins

Ruling in Apple e-books case stands

by Wochit 0:47 mins

Judge Denise Cote on Friday declined to temporarily suspend her ruling from last month that Apple broke antitrust laws by conspiring with e-book publishers, according to a report from the Associated Press. What that likely means is that Apple will have to obey whatever sanctions are imposed on the company, even with an appeal pending. There's unfinished business in Apple and Samsung's 2012 court spat, which left Samsung on the hook for more than $1 billion in damages. Even with that loss, Samsung managed to keep some 26 of its devices which were found to infringe on Apple's patents, from being banned from sale.

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