The Role Edward James Olmos Regrets Not Taking

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The Role Edward James Olmos Regrets Not Taking

The Role Edward James Olmos Regrets Not Taking
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The Role Edward James Olmos Regrets Not Taking

by Daily Shot 3:52 mins

The Role Edward James Olmos Regrets Not Taking

by Daily Shot 3:52 mins

With credits like ‘Battlestar Galactica,’ ‘Stand and Deliver,’ and ‘Dexter,’ you might assume Edward James Olmos has few regrets when it comes to his career. But the actor says he looks back on one rejected role and sees a missed opportunity. “I was given the opportunity to do ‘Something Wicked This Way Comes,’ and I chose not to,” he says. Edward, who is of Mexican descent, was offered the role of the devil. Since he didn’t know the director at the time, he was concerned about what the character might turn into. “We don’t have an opportunity too much to create characters, especially because of our ethnicity,” Edward says. “At that moment in time, our position in life artistically wasn’t set enough to take that. Now, Edward is starring in ‘Go for Sisters,’ a film about two estranged childhood friends who reconnect years later when one is assigned as the other’s probation officer. Edward praises director John Sayles work on the movie, calling it “one of his best pieces” and is more than enthusiastic about his personal involvement in the film.

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