Report: Lanza `Captivated` By Mass Murders, Weapons

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Report: Lanza `Captivated` By Mass Murders, Weapons

Report: Lanza `Captivated` By Mass Murders, Weapons
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Report: Lanza `Captivated` By Mass Murders, Weapons

by WTIC - Hartford 4:47 mins

Report: Lanza `Captivated` By Mass Murders, Weapons

by WTIC - Hartford 4:47 mins

New details have emerged about Adam Lanza, the man who police say entered Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Ct., this past December and killed 26 people before killing himself. The Hartford Courant released a new report that digs into Lanza`s online personality. They found instances of him correcting Wikipedia entries on mass murders and making message board posts about weapons and ammo. He was "captivated" by mass murders, say the two writers who did the research.

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