Coffee Drink Calorie Bombs

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Coffee Drink Calorie Bombs

Coffee Drink Calorie Bombs
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Coffee Drink Calorie Bombs

by Reluctantly Healthy 3:14 mins

Coffee Drink Calorie Bombs

by Reluctantly Healthy 3:14 mins

Health Coach Carey Peters ( shows host Judy Greer how her favorite coffee drinks are sabotaging her diet, and how to get her fix without the calorie bombs. A cinnamon dolce latte from Starbucks is 450 calories, Carey explains. That's the equivalent of Taco Bell's nacho supreme. The real doozy is the McDonald's caramel frappé at a whopping 670 calories, the same as a quarter pounder with bacon and cheese. Watch for more comparisons as well as Carey's tips for smart tweaks. One smart cut: Ditching the whipped cream saves 70 calories.

Reluctantly Healthy


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