Real unemployed star in Italian musical

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Real unemployed star in Italian musical

Real unemployed star in Italian musical
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Real unemployed star in Italian musical

by AFP Videos 1:46 mins

Real unemployed star in Italian musical

by AFP Videos 1:46 mins

SUGGESTED SCRIPT: The Full Monty - Italian style. The musical - an adaptation of the 1997 British film and susequent Broadway show - tackles one of Italy's sore points: record unemployment. The tale of factory workers who lose their jobs and re-invent themselves as strippers to earn a living is re-located from Sheffield in England to Turin. Of the 70 people who auditioned in the industrial northern city just two made the grade, chosen partly for their first hand experience of life without work. Simone Lagrasta, unemployed carpenter (man, in Italian, 12 secs): "The musical mirrors my life, the situation with these workers who have been fired because of the crisis and who are trying at any cost to carry on, and it's the same thing that happened to me." Another able to draw on his personal story is 38 year old unemployed factory worker Marco Serafini Marco Serafini, unemployed factory worker (man, in Italian, 17): "I will always carry inside me the rage that I felt in the dark days, when I didn't have a job and didn't know what to do with myself, and I'll use it on stage as well." The financial crisis and unemployment in particular -- which now stands at 11 percent in Italy -- are the some of biggest issues worrying Italians ahead of the February election. And the show's director feels his musical is a timely reminder to politicians. Massimo Romeo Piparo (man, in Italian): "We're bringing a message: the show finishes with images of a factory collapses and the words of the Italian constitution which says that the Italian Republic is founded on work. The show is our small contribution." And what about getting naked in front of a live audience? It turns out that it's not a big issue - "In the end" as Lagrasta says "It's just a job". SHOTLIST: ROME, 21 JANUARY, 2013 (SOURCE: AFPTV) - VAR of actors rehearsing - Poster used to advertise show - Close up of Full Monti poster - VAR of actors rehearsing SOUNDBITE 1 - Marco Serafini rehearsing SOUNDBITE 2 ROME, JUNE 27, 2012. SOURCE: AFPTV - VAR Rome ROME, 21 JANUARY, 2013 - Director leading rehearsals SOUNDBITE 3 - Various of actors rehearsing - Stripper (Simone Lagrasta) takes his shirt off in rehearsal - Stripper (Simone Lagrasta) has his trousers torn off him during dress rehearsal

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