Projects call for peace ahead of Kenya vote

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Projects call for peace ahead of Kenya vote

Projects call for peace ahead of Kenya vote
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Projects call for peace ahead of Kenya vote

by AFP Videos 2:19 mins

Projects call for peace ahead of Kenya vote

by AFP Videos 2:19 mins

SCRIPT: There are posters on every spare space on the walls in Kibera, Nairobi's biggest slum. Dozens of candidates, all competing in next week's election. As well as endless pictures of politicians, huge murals have sprung up all of which have the same message, that there should be no repeat of the violence that saw Kibera nearly burn to the ground after the last election five years ago. SOUNDBITE 1: Evans Kamau, Graffiti artist, Kibera Walls for Peace (English, 14 secs): "We decided to select the walls that are along the way, along these major pathways, especially in the slums, where many people pass by, so when they pass, they can read the message and the message is going right through to them." The Kibera Walls for Peace project is just one of numerous peace initiatives and events that have taken place across Kenya in the past few months -- they even painted a train that passes through Nairobi. In Naivasha, in the Rift Valley where some of the bloodiest violence took place, a peace walk through the town brought together different communities and youth groups. SOUNDBITE 2: Diana Yatol, Principal Naivasha campus, Kenya institute of studies in Criminal Justice (English, 16 secs): "This one of the most hit areas in the country and it really affected the people and now as we are drawing near to the election I want to spread the gospel of peace. We've dubbed our walk as 'A peaceful Kenya starts with me.' " More than 1,100 people died and hundreds of thousands were displaced after the results of the last election were hit by allegations of fraud. Political protests quickly turned in brutal violence alone tribal lines. Peace concerts like this one are taking place across the country, promoting a message of unity and restraint to as many people as possible. [Upost - I say Kenya, you say Amani] Amani means peace in Swahili. SOUNDBITE 3: Lydia 'L-Ness' Akwabi, Rapper (English, 13 secs): "We had violence and somebody preached violence that time, that's why we had violence in 2007 and 2008, so right now everybody should preach peace so even if there is somebody who is planning to do violence they have some peace installed in them." Ethnic divisions are still rife in Kenya-- almost 500 people were killed in tribal clashes last year -- so it's impossible to predict what will happen after the first round of the election on March 4th. But with such a huge peace effort underway across the country, everyone involved hopes that the message is getting through. SHOTLIST: All images filmed in February 2013 in Kibera, Naivasha and Nairobi (SOURCE: AFPTV) Various images of political posters in Kibera Various images of art on the walls of Kibera SOUNDBITE 1: Evans Kamau Various images of the so called peace train as it travels through Kibera Various images of the peace walk in Naivasha SOUNDBITE 2: Diana Yatol Various images of the post election violence [FILE] Various images of the peace concert in Nairobi SOUNDBITE 3: Lydia 'L-Ness' Akwabi Various images of the peace concert /// ------------------------------------------------ AFP TEXT STORY: Kenya-vote-unrest Kenya vote rivals in joint appeal for peace =(PICTURE)= NAIROBI, Feb 24, 2013 (AFP) - Kenya's top two contenders in the March 4 presidential vote held a joint rally in Nairobi Sunday to call for a peaceful election and avert a repeat of the deadly post-poll violence that shook the east African nation five years ago. Prime Minister Raila Odinga, who claims he was robbed of victory in the December 2007 vote, and Uhuru Kenyatta, the son of independent Kenya's first president, embraced in front of a crowd of thousands. "2007 and the events following it is now behind us," said Kenyatta. One of the country's richest men and a leader of Kenya's dominant Kikuyu tribe, Kenyatta chose to run for President Mwai Kibaki's succession despite facing trial at the International Criminal Court in The Hague. The deputy prime minister faces charges of crimes against humanity -- including murder, rape and persecution -- over the violence that blew up after the contested 2007 election and left around 1,200 dead. "I Uhuru Kenyatta swear before the true God and before all Kenyans that I will promote and preach peace at all times," he said at Sunday's rally. Odinga was on the other side of the political divide five years ago but escaped indictment by the ICC, but a minister and a journalist who supported him also face charges of crimes against humanity. "Let us all embrace peace. We don't need to fight one another at all for whatever reason. We are all Kenyans. Let's choose our leaders peacefully. I urge you all to embrace peace," he said. The 2007-2008 violence, which also displaced hundreds of thousands of people, exposed widespread disenchantment with the political class, deep tribal divisions and shattered Kenya's image as a beacon of regional stability. Odinga and Kenyatta are neck-and-neck in the polls a week before the election, during which Kenyans will also elect MPs and county governors.

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