'Wrecking Pug': Puppy Does Miley Cyrus

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'Wrecking Pug': Puppy Does Miley Cyrus

'Wrecking Pug': Puppy Does Miley Cyrus
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'Wrecking Pug': Puppy Does Miley Cyrus

by Storyful 2:42 mins

'Wrecking Pug': Puppy Does Miley Cyrus

by Storyful 2:42 mins

Growing up is hard. Whether you are Miley Cyrus or an adorable pug puppy. The star of the show here is canine Bruce Wayne, a new arrival in the home of Lou D’ambrosio, who wrote the song to record the ups, downs, and inadvertent poops of his puppy life. In D’ambrosio’s own words, “Mr Wayne did in fact come in like a wrecking pug to my life with every little cute, adorable puppy act he committed. Even if it did involve his potty training…” Credit: Lou D’ambrosio

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