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Time After Time

Time After Time
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Cyndi Lauper: Time After Time

by VEVO 4:55 mins

Cyndi Lauper: Time After Time

by VEVO 4:55 mins


Director: Edd Griles

Cyndi Lauper's love song "Time After Time" went to #1 on the charts 30 years ago this week. The heavy rotation MTV favorite of the 80s features Lauper's mom, dad, wrestler Lou Abano and former boyfriend and manager David Wolff. In her 2012 autobiography Lauper said that her split from Wolff and a struggling career pushed her to consider suicide in 1989. “The only thing that always ­prevented me from suicide is that I never wanted a headline to read, ‘Girl who wanted to have fun just didn’t’.” Lauper, now 60, continues to have astounding success. As Wikipedia notes: "In 2013, Lauper completed writing both the music and lyrics for the Broadway musical Kinky Boots, which led the 2013 Tony Awards with 13 nominations and six awards including Best Musical. The musical also won Best Score, making Lauper the first woman to win the composing category solo. In 2013, she became the first artist in over 25 years to top the dance charts with a Broadway single. While in 2014 Lauper, as the producer, composer and lyricist was awarded the Grammy for best musical theater album for Kinky Boots. That same cast album spent 51 weeks on the Billboard 200 chart." Lauper's been married to actor David Thornton since 1991. Find out more about Cyndi Lauper at her website - www.CyndiLauper.com.

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