Snorkeling In Jellyfish Lake

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Snorkeling In Jellyfish Lake

Snorkeling In Jellyfish Lake
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Snorkeling In Jellyfish Lake

by Rumble 2:57 mins

Snorkeling In Jellyfish Lake

by Rumble 2:57 mins

With her GoPro camera set in action, Nana Trongratanawong films her surroundings at Jellyfish Lake in Palau. Ongeim'l Tketau is only one out of 5 other lakes open for public. After the experience Nana noted, "Snorkeling with these golden jellyfish was fun, but freediving and drifting among them was even more special. I felt free. It's serene. These guys are harmless but very fragile so please be gentle and watch your fins-kick while being in their home. Oh, look out for those little ones! They're super cute!" Music by Albert Hammond, Jr.

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