Are You Listening? Probably Not

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Are You Listening? Probably Not

Are You Listening? Probably Not
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Are You Listening? Probably Not

by WSJ Live 4:06 mins

Are You Listening? Probably Not

by WSJ Live 4:06 mins

Humans’ listening skills are poor on average. We retain less than half of what we hear, and evidence shows that these skills are getting worse. WSJ's Sue Shellenbarger joins Tanya Rivero on Lunch Break to discuss why and how we can change. How can you tell you're a bad listener? Shellenbarger says signs can be if you're arguing a lot at work, or talking more than you're listening. Feeling left out of the loop or like your relationships are weak are other clues. We're getting worse at it, researchers say, in part because we're spending less time in face-to-face conversations. How can you make sure you're listening? Shellenbarger explains this cheat-sheet for important conversations: 1) Write a list of what you want to say, questions to ask. 2) Do a "brain dump." 3) Take notes and make eye contact. 4) Receive, appreciate, summarize and ask questions. Photo: iStock/diane39

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