Filmmakers Show (Awkward) Gratitude to Total Strangers

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Filmmakers Show (Awkward) Gratitude to Total Strangers

Filmmakers Show (Awkward) Gratitude to Total Strangers
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Filmmakers Show (Awkward) Gratitude to Total Strangers

by Screen Videos 3:29 mins

Filmmakers Show (Awkward) Gratitude to Total Strangers

by Screen Videos 3:29 mins

With Thanksgiving nearing, filmmakers Justin Stuart and Andrew Scites set out to show their gratitude to total strangers and capture their reactions on video. The short has already gotten a reaction on the Web, with more than 25,000 views. The Denver, Colorado-based JStuStudios ( teamed with Andrew Hales from the YouTube comedy channel LAHWF to produce "I'm So Grateful for You." The footage, filmed this past weekend around Salt Lake City, Utah, and Denver, captures the surprised and confused responses. "I'm so grateful for you," Andrew Hales tells an unsuspecting person on the street. The man replies, "It's not often that someone comes up and says something like that to you. Can I get some of what you're taking?" "People usually don't experience some random person telling them that they are grateful for them," Stuart told Yahoo Screen. "Simple stuff like this can make someone's day." Stay tuned till the end of "I'm So Grateful for You": The last moment will most likely make your day.

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