Pistorius returns to training

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Pistorius returns to training

Pistorius returns to training
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Pistorius returns to training

by Ani 1:14 mins

Pistorius returns to training

by Ani 1:14 mins

South African Paralympic and Olympic athletics star Oscar Pistorius has returned to the track for "low-key" training, just weeks before he is due to appear in court for the latest hearing in his murder trial. Pistorius, a double amputee who ran the 400 metres at the 2012 Olympics and Paralympics, was not preparing for a return to competition but the training would help him for what is expected to be a lengthy legal battle, a statement on his website said. His family released footage of him training at the High Performance Centre at the University of Pretoria."His focus at this time remains entirely on the court case," a spokeswoman said in the statement."His family, and those close to him, have encouraged him to spend a few hours a week on the track to assist him in finding the necessary mental and emotional equilibrium to process his trauma and prepare for the trial."

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