Pilot aborts landing after runway 'disappears'

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Pilot aborts landing after runway 'disappears'

Pilot aborts landing after runway 'disappears'
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Pilot aborts landing after runway 'disappears'

by Jokeroo Videos 1:36 mins

Pilot aborts landing after runway 'disappears'

by Jokeroo Videos 1:36 mins

A incredibly heavy rainfall burst forces the pilot of this passenger jet plane to abandon the landing at the very last second when he completely loses visibility. Thankfully the pilot was skilled enough to pull up safely and circle around until the storm cleared enough for him to land safely. The Huffington Post writes of the video, "per the YouTube description, the video was filmed by someone in the plane's jump seat who spotted the rain ahead of time. The pilots ultimately initiated a 'go-around procedure,' an aerial maneuver where the aircraft rapidly climbs back into a holding pattern to attempt landing at a later time." Writes Douglesso, the uploader, on YouTube: "Ultimately, we had plenty of fuel on board and we where [sic] given radar vectors back for another approach. In just 15 minutes the rain had passed and the sun was coming out."

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