Pakistan's ISI supporting Khalistanis

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Pakistan's ISI supporting Khalistanis

Pakistan's ISI supporting Khalistanis
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Pakistan's ISI supporting Khalistanis

by Ani 3:34 mins

Pakistan's ISI supporting Khalistanis

by Ani 3:34 mins

Pakistan's design to revive militancy in India's northern Punjab state has been well exposed and its spy agency, the ISI, continues to help Khalistan militants. The pro-Khalistan activists based in Europe and North America are extensively involved in fundraising campaign at the behest of Pakistan's ISI to revive terrorism in Punjab. Banned terror groups, including Babbar Khalsa International (BKI) and Khalistan Commando Force (KCF), are trying to radicalize Sikh youth in the West by showing them doctored footage of Operation Bluestar and other propaganda materials. Experts believe such attempts by pro-Khalistanis have minimal impact.

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