Oscars Pit Gravitas Of 'Slave' Against Pull Of 'Gravity'

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Oscars Pit Gravitas Of 'Slave' Against Pull Of 'Gravity'

Oscars Pit Gravitas Of 'Slave' Against Pull Of 'Gravity'
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Oscars Pit Gravitas Of 'Slave' Against Pull Of 'Gravity'

by Wochit 0:43 mins

Oscars Pit Gravitas Of 'Slave' Against Pull Of 'Gravity'

by Wochit 0:43 mins

The movie 12 Years a Slave, from British director Steve McQueen appears to be the frontrunner for film's highest honor at Sunday's Oscars ceremony. But the biggest obstacle it faces may be high-quality, groundbreaking movie called "Gravity," The outer-space thriller starring Sandra Bullock, for which director Alfonso Cuaron pushed the technical and visual effects boundaries, has brought in $270 million in North America and $703 million worldwide. Gravity, along with American Hustle, leads nominations with 10 nods a piece, followed by 12 Years a Slave with nine.


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