Stars Who Found Love in Their 50s

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Stars Who Found Love in Their 50s

Stars Who Found Love in Their 50s
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Stars Who Found Love in Their 50s

by The Insider 2:02 mins

Stars Who Found Love in Their 50s

by The Insider 2:02 mins

The saying good things come to those who wait has proven true for some of Hollywood's biggest stars who have found love again a little later in life. Courteney Cox, 50, announced her engagement to Snow Patrol's Johnny McDaid, 37, on Twitter Thursday when she posted an adorable pic of herself and her new fiancé with the caption, "I'm engaged to him!" This will be the "Cougar Town" star's second marriage. Her first marriage was to David Arquette, whom she met on the set of the 1996 horror flick "Scream."

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