Premiere Night! 'Transformers' and 'Begin Again'

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Premiere Night! 'Transformers' and 'Begin Again'

Premiere Night! 'Transformers' and 'Begin Again'
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Premiere Night! 'Transformers' and 'Begin Again'

by The Insider 1:21 mins

Premiere Night! 'Transformers' and 'Begin Again'

by The Insider 1:21 mins

"Transformers" is back on the big screen, and "The Insider With Yahoo" correspondent Keltie Knight caught up with the stars of the blockbuster hit at the New York premiere on Wednesday night. Mark Wahlberg dished on how he transformed his body for the role. "A lot of eating. A lot of training!" he revealed. Also transforming on the red carpet was stunner Bingbing Li, who has been setting fashion trends around the world as she promotes the film.

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