Justin Bieber Says 'R.I.P.' to His 'Stache

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Justin Bieber Says 'R.I.P.' to His 'Stache

Justin Bieber Says 'R.I.P.' to His 'Stache
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Justin Bieber Says 'R.I.P.' to His 'Stache

by The Insider 1:18 mins

Justin Bieber Says 'R.I.P.' to His 'Stache

by The Insider 1:18 mins

Justin Bieber said goodbye to that mustache and partial beard he's been rocking (or trying to rock, depending on your perspective) for the past few months. On Wednesday, the 20-year-old posted a video to Instagram documenting the big departure. "Should I do it?" Bieber asked his friend before he started mowing his barely-there facial hair. Zooming in to show off his patchy 'stache, the Biebs whispered to the camera, "R.I.P. 'stache." The pop star then applied the shaving cream to his face and got to work.

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