Obamacare Cold Open

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Obamacare Cold Open

Obamacare Cold Open
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Obamacare Cold Open

by Saturday Night Live 7:03 mins

Obamacare Cold Open

by Saturday Night Live 7:03 mins

"Breaking Bad" star Aaron Paul popped up three times in the "Saturday Night Live" season premiere, giving viewers a thrill the night before his own show's series finale. But really it was his iconic character Jesse Pinkman who crashed the set. In the cold open skewering Obama's pleas for support of Obamacare, Pinkman appears at the end to tell the sad story of a down-on-his luck friend back in New Mexico who took up a life of crime when he got his cancer diagnosis. Then, a commercial spoof for "E-Meth." No explanation needed. And finally, marking a perfect union of two beloved characters, Paul as Pinkman appears as the nephew of Bobby Moynihan's "Drunk Uncle" on "Weekend Update."

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