Obama Pledges To Protect Afghan Sovereignty

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Obama Pledges To Protect Afghan Sovereignty

Obama Pledges To Protect Afghan Sovereignty
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Obama Pledges To Protect Afghan Sovereignty

by Wochit 1:21 mins

Obama Pledges To Protect Afghan Sovereignty

by Wochit 1:21 mins

In a letter to Afghanistan counterpart Hamid Karzai, President Obama said Wednesday that the United States will respect Afghan sovereignty under a proposed new security agreement with the United States. "We will continue to make every effort to respect the sanctity and dignity of Afghans in their homes and their daily lives, just as we do for our own citizens," Obama wrote in the letter released Thursday morning by the administration. The president sent the letter as Karzai and Secretary of State John Kerry worked on an agreement that would allow U.S. troops to stay in Afghanistan to train and assist local forces, even after the end of combat operations after 2014. The proposal must still go before the Loya Jirga, a 2,500-member council of Afghan elders that change or revise parts of the draft agreement. Karzai and other officials have long criticized American raids on Afghan homes, sometimes resulting in injuries to civilians.

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