Obama faces a challenging post-vacation agenda

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Obama faces a challenging post-vacation agenda

Obama faces a challenging post-vacation agenda
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Obama faces a challenging post-vacation agenda

by Wochit 1:01 mins

Obama faces a challenging post-vacation agenda

by Wochit 1:01 mins

President Obama faces a full agenda when he returns from vacation, one that includes budget battles and health care fights ? and that was before Egypt descended into near-chaos this week. Egyptian authorities raided the homes of Muslim Brotherhood members in an apparent attempt to disrupt the group ahead of planned mass rallies by supporters of country's ousted president. State-run media announced Bo Xilai (Bo Jhee-Lie), an ambitious Chinese politician whose downfall shook the Communist Party elite, will stand trial and face charges of taking bribes, corruption and abusing power, Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal fired Tarek Al-Suwaidan, the director of an Islamic TV channel, "for admitting he belongs to the Brotherhood terrorist movement."

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