Happy Birthday, Norm: Awkward '99 'SNL' flashback

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Happy Birthday, Norm: Awkward '99 'SNL' flashback

Happy Birthday, Norm: Awkward '99 'SNL' flashback
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Happy Birthday, Norm: Awkward '99 'SNL' flashback

by Saturday Night Live 3:29 mins

Happy Birthday, Norm: Awkward '99 'SNL' flashback

by Saturday Night Live 3:29 mins

As the host of “Weekend Update” from 1994-1997, Norm MacDonald, who turns 49 on October 17, was known for telling cringe-worthy jokes that didn’t get the big laughs — or any laughs. His O.J. Simpson gags, told after the football star was arrested then tried and acquitted on murder charges, were relentless. An example: "A down-and-out O.J. Simpson ... has decided to go back to doing what he does best: killing people." MacDonald delivered his last segment as host of “Weekend Update” in December of 1997. The rumor was that NBC executive Don Ohlmeyer, a friend of Simpson's, demanded MacDonald’s dismissal from the desk midseason over one too many O.J. zingers. Ohlmeyer denied this, reportedly saying it was a case of MacDonald not being funny. MacDonald returned to host “SNL” in 1999 after he had become star of his own sit-com, “The Norm Show.” He did not hold back. In this clip of his opening monologue he said, “They fired me because they said I wasn’t funny.” Adding, “How did I suddenly get so damn funny?” To boos, the combative performer said, “It occurred to me, I haven’t gotten funnier, the show has gotten really bad.” Fans would say this is all part of his charm.

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