CPR dummy becomes "Plastic Popo" police officer

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CPR dummy becomes "Plastic Popo" police officer

CPR dummy becomes "Plastic Popo" police officer
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CPR dummy becomes "Plastic Popo" police officer

by Newsflare 0:32 mins

CPR dummy becomes "Plastic Popo" police officer

by Newsflare 0:32 mins

A bizarre video has emerged of a CPR dummy, dressed in a policeman’s uniform, being used to deter dangerous driving in Oklahoma, USA. The model, named ‘Plastic Popo’, has been recruited by the city of Ada’s police department to sit in a patrol car to fool drivers into slowing down. In the footage, captured by a local resident on Thursday, Plastic Popo can be seen sitting in the driving seat of the marked vehicle while cars drive carefully past his impassive gaze. The local police force came up with the idea as part of wider cost cutting measures. "He didn't cost us anything," Police Chief Mike Miller told the Wall Street Journal on Monday.

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