Thieving Ant Seizes a Golden Opportunity

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Thieving Ant Seizes a Golden Opportunity

Thieving Ant Seizes a Golden Opportunity
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Thieving Ant Seizes a Golden Opportunity

by Storyful 1:59 mins

Thieving Ant Seizes a Golden Opportunity

by Storyful 1:59 mins

Walter Krikowa and his wife Liz travel across Australia prospecting for gold and gemstones. Walter was returning to camp with some nuggets to show his wife one day, when one of the pieces dropped to the ground. On bending down to pick it up, he noticed a small ant had grabbed it and was trying to drag it away. Rather than apprehending the little thief, Liz quickly grabbed the camera to record the unusual incident. Credit: YouTube/Walter Krikowa

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