Soothing Lullaby Sends Dog to Sleep

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Soothing Lullaby Sends Dog to Sleep

Soothing Lullaby Sends Dog to Sleep
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Soothing Lullaby Sends Dog to Sleep

by Storyful 0:58 mins

Soothing Lullaby Sends Dog to Sleep

by Storyful 0:58 mins

Gabriel Castro of San Diego, California owns a wiener dog named Atticus that sometimes gets fidgety. When that happens, Gabriel’s wife will pick him up and start scratching his belly. In this video, Atticus can be seen slowly falling asleep as Gabriel’s wife scratches his belly and sings him a soothing lullaby. Like many dogs, Atticus surely has a lot of energy, but he just can’t resist a good lullaby. Credit: YouTube/Gabriel Castro

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