Robot Hitchhiking Its Way Across Canada

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Robot Hitchhiking Its Way Across Canada

Robot Hitchhiking Its Way Across Canada
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Robot Hitchhiking Its Way Across Canada

by Storyful 1:17 mins

Robot Hitchhiking Its Way Across Canada

by Storyful 1:17 mins

A talking robot with a friendly personality is making a cross-country journey in Canada by hitchhiking. The aptly named HitchBOT said that it is hoping to “make new friends, have interesting conversations and see new places along the way.” HitchBOT started its journey in Nova Scotia on July 27 and its final destination is Victoria, British Columbia.Ryerson University was one of the first institutions to work on the project, and it is safely assumed that they are keeping an eye on HitchBOT. Many people took to Twitter to share pictures of their meetings with the friendly robot: Credit: YouTube/Ryerson University

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