Netanyahu Speaks to Foreign Press About Hamas Tactics

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Netanyahu Speaks to Foreign Press About Hamas Tactics

Netanyahu Speaks to Foreign Press About Hamas Tactics
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Netanyahu Speaks to Foreign Press About Hamas Tactics

by Storyful 20:58 mins

Netanyahu Speaks to Foreign Press About Hamas Tactics

by Storyful 20:58 mins

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu addressed foreign press on August 6, to discuss the conditions that the Israel Defense Forces are facing in Gaza.Netanyahu highlighted Israel’s perspective on Hamas’ use of what he described as ‘human shields’ and ‘terror tunnels.’ The press conference kicked off with footage which was described as an IDF pilot calling off an airstrike after children were spotted near the target. Netanyahu underlined that Hamas “relishes” civilian casualties, and uses them as “PR fodder.” “I expect, now that the members of the press are leaving Gaza and are no longer subjected to Hamas restrictions and intimidations, I expect we’ll see even more documentation of Hamas terrorists hiding behind civilian populations and exploiting civilian targets,” Netanyahu said on Wednesday. “I think it’s very important for the truth to come out.” The prime minister also reiterated the goal of Operation Protective Edge, which he said was to protect Israeli civilians from roughly 3500 rockets that Hamas and other terrorist groups have fired on Israel over the last month. Netanyahu did not mention Israel’s allegation that Hamas kidnapped and murdered three Israeli teenagers, which originally sparked Operation Protective Edge. “Israel deeply regrets every civilian casualty, every single one. We do not target them, we do not seek them. The people of Gaza are not are enemy. Our enemy is Hamas. Our enemy are the other terrorist organizations trying to kill our people, and we’ve taken extraordinary circumstances and measures to avoid civilian casualties,” Netanyahu said. Credit: YouTube/IsraeliPM

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