Man Collects NASCAR Cereal Boxes for Fun

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Man Collects NASCAR Cereal Boxes for Fun

Man Collects NASCAR Cereal Boxes for Fun
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Man Collects NASCAR Cereal Boxes for Fun

by Storyful 2:08 mins

Man Collects NASCAR Cereal Boxes for Fun

by Storyful 2:08 mins

Randy Ricci started collecting cereal boxes in 1991. They weren’t just any cereal boxes though; they had to contain NASCAR imagery. Now he boasts 324 in his collection, and he doesn’t seem to be stopping any time soon.Randy says, “Everyone wants to leave something behind… be it a legacy, or be it a collection dedicated to their life-long love of something. Mine just happens to be a big collection of boxes! Some people may find it funny, and others may just smile. But if it puts a bit of positive focus away from all the bad things happening around the world then I’m happy.” Credit: YouTube/TIG Media

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