Lamb Comes Running When Called

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Lamb Comes Running When Called

Lamb Comes Running When Called
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Lamb Comes Running When Called

by Storyful 0:06 mins

Lamb Comes Running When Called

by Storyful 0:06 mins

Shannen adopted Winter when he was a day-old lamb, after finding him on a very cold night in Victoria, Australia. Shannen took Winter into her home and kept him warm and fed him. After two days, he had regained much of his strength. Now, a couple of weeks later, Shannen and Winter have a special bond! Winter stays in the house and even comes running when Shannen calls. As Jezebel reports, short videos like this have made Winter "the adorable Vine star the world needs" ( with millions sharing his owner's footage. Credit: YouTube/Life of Shannen

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