Child Leads Demonstrators in #Handsupdontshoot Chant

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Child Leads Demonstrators in #Handsupdontshoot Chant

Child Leads Demonstrators in #Handsupdontshoot Chant
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Child Leads Demonstrators in #Handsupdontshoot Chant

by Storyful 0:14 mins

Child Leads Demonstrators in #Handsupdontshoot Chant

by Storyful 0:14 mins

People came out to march in Ferguson once again on Sunday, August 17, after another night of clashes between protesters and police. Police used smoke grenades and made several arrests as protesters defied a curfew following looting on Friday night. The Missouri town has seen a week of protests following the shooting dead of unarmed 18-year-old Michael Brown by a police officer. This video shows a child leading the chant at the march on Sunday. Credit: Instagram/loveindiamarie

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