'Nail Polish Helped Me Lose Over 60 Pounds'

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'Nail Polish Helped Me Lose Over 60 Pounds'

'Nail Polish Helped Me Lose Over 60 Pounds'
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'Nail Polish Helped Me Lose Over 60 Pounds'

by Daily Shot 4:40 mins

'Nail Polish Helped Me Lose Over 60 Pounds'

by Daily Shot 4:40 mins

Tory Johnson is a successful entrepreneur who helps women start small businesses, and she's the popular face of the weekly "Steals and Deals" segment on "Good Morning America." But one thing she'd always struggled with was her weight. Then, one day, one of her bosses offered to send her to a stylist. "What I heard, even though she never used those words, was, 'Lose weight or lose your job.'" That kicked off a yearlong weight-loss journey chronicled in her new book, "The Shift: How I Finally Lost Weight and Discovered a Happier Life." Johnson got serious about planning, discipline, and commitment. But one of the most helpful tools in her weight-loss arsenal turned out to be nail polish. One night, in the middle of a major snack craving, she was about to break her diet and head to the fridge. Then, she spotted a bottle of clear nail polish on her dresser. "I thought to myself, 'I never polish my nails.'" So she grabbed the nail polish and went to work. But then, she had to wait for her nails to dry, "because you can't put wet nails in a bag of chips." In the time it took her polish to dry, the snack craving passed. She realized that just taking a simple pause helped her deal with the cravings that can derail a diet.

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