Music Fans Harass Unsuspecting Plumber

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Music Fans Harass Unsuspecting Plumber

Music Fans Harass Unsuspecting Plumber
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Music Fans Harass Unsuspecting Plumber

by Broken News Daily 3:14 mins

Music Fans Harass Unsuspecting Plumber

by Broken News Daily 3:14 mins

French acoustic reggae band Tryo put a hidden track on their newest album. After 5 minutes of silence, their singer Guizmo melodically yells out a phone number, and the words "call me". Well, the joke's on Tryo's fans, because it's not Guizmo's number. The number belongs to 24 year-old plumber Anthony De Sousa, who's not very happy about all the calls. He also doesn't like the band Tryo. Also, in another story, a retiree in England found a 17-foot well from medieval times u

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